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666 tattoo meaning

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Are you thinking of getting a 666 tattoo? That’s a great idea!

But do you know the 666 tattoo meaning? 

The number 666 got a bad reputation because it is commonly associated with the devil, but the truth is far from it! 666 has a positive meaning!

The number 666 is usually called Angel number. The meaning of the angel number 666 tattoo is about guidance and refocus.

Angel numbers are messages from your spiritual guides. Each number has its specific meaning. 

Like any other tattoo, you can make a tattoo of it. Simply be sure to know its meaning.

Don’t forget that a tattoo is permanent! 

As an Angel number specialist, I spent hours of research writing this article. Also as a tattoo fan (I have 5 big tattoos), I put a lot of my own experience into it. 

You will find all the information, meaning, and tattoo ideas in this article.

Keep reading if you want to learn:

Enjoy my article and hopefully, it will help you to design your 666 tattoo!


It’s important to understand clearly the meaning of the number 666 before making a tattoo of it.

The number 666 is usually referred to as an angel number

What is an angel number?

Angel numbers are very popular now. They are spiritual messages you see in the most common places in your life. It can be the number 666 in a phone number, or an address number 666 in the street, or the latest receipt totaling $6.66. 

If you see the number 666 multiple times in your life, it’s certainly your angel number. It has a personal meaning for you and that’s a great idea to make a tattoo of it. 

But first, let’s take a look at the different meanings of the number 666. After that, you will easily be able to find the perfect design for your 666 tattoo.

666 angel number meaning

The number 666 has a bad reputation because of its biblical meaning as “the number of the beast”. But its meaning is actually positive overall.

In numerology, six means unconditional love, empathy, and compassion. 

The angel number 666 shows up when you are giving too much of yourself. It can be mentally, physically, or emotionally. The number 666 is a sign of imbalance in your life that needs to be fixed. 

Seeing 666 is an encouragement to refocus

You probably give too much attention to your earthy problems. And that makes you forget the bigger picture and bigger goals.

Don’t worry, it’s common to be wrapped in our problems and lose sight of what’s really important to us and in life in general.

If you keep seeing 666, The universe or the angels send you a message of redirection and guidance

So what to do?

Try to note the context, when and where the angel number 666 appeared. This should give you an idea about the area of your life that needs refocusing. 

Do you keep seeing 666 while you’re at work? When you are thinking of a friend? Your family? Your partner?

666 meaning in relationships

First, seeing the angel number 666 means that you need to focus on your family. Especially if you neglected it lately.

In love, and if you are in a relationship, this is a clear sign that you must focus more on your partner. For example, be more romantic, give more attention, and listen more. 

Second, 666 can be associated with a past relationship. You need to accept the past and let it go. Focus on your present relationships.

Are you searching for your soulmate or twin flame? The number 666 is a positive message that you will meet that person soon.

666 meaning for your career

For your career, the angel number 666 could mean refocusing on your work in two different ways. 

First, keep seeing 666 is a spiritual reminder to nurture your career and bring some extra love to your work.

Second, it also could mean it is time to think about bigger goals, your life purpose, and the career path you aspire.

The more ambitious you are, the more rewards you will get in the end.

Plus, the guardian angels support you and will manifest your desires… if they are clear and precise.

Let’s see now what kind of designs are the best for your 666 tattoo with a meaning of guidance.


There is nothing wrong with making a small and intimate 666 tattoo. But you may also consider incorporating your angel number 666 into a symbolic design.

It’s a great way to make your 666 tattoo more meaningful.

Let’s have a look at the different symbols of guidance and refocusing you can use to design your tattoo! 

And don’t worry! I listed for you the best symbols, animals, flowers, quotes, and colors!

Symbols that represent guidance and refocusing

  • The compass is a symbol of guidance, direction, safety, protection, and hope. It’s a useful navigational tool for any traveler as it helps them find the way by pointing in the right direction. 
666 Tattoo meaning compass
666 Tattoo meaning compass

666 Tattoo meaning compass sailor
666 Tattoo meaning compass sailor
  • The North star is one of the brightest stars visible in the northern hemisphere. It symbolizes guidance, direction, inspiration, freedom, and hope. The North star does not move and appears anchored, showing the sky’s north pole. 
666 Tattoo meaning North Star
666 Tattoo meaning North Star
  • A lantern is a powerful symbol of guidance and hope. Lanterns reveal the path ahead. And they remain glowing even in rough weather by consuming very little fuel.
666 Tattoo meaning Lantern
666 Tattoo meaning Lantern

666 Tattoo meaning Lantern old school
666 Tattoo meaning Lantern old school
  • The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol that just like the Third Eye Chakra, relates to the pineal gland. It symbolizes protection, guidance, well-being, wisdom, and healing.
666 Tattoo meaning Eye of Horus
666 Tattoo meaning Eye of Horus

666 Tattoo meaning Eye of Horus watercolor
666 Tattoo meaning Eye of Horus watercolor
  • The Third Eye Chakra is an energy center located in the center of your head. It corresponds to the pineal gland. It symbolizes guidance, intuition, perception, understanding, clairvoyance, enlightenment, and higher consciousness. The activation of the Third Eye Chakra unlocks your intuitive and psychic abilities.  Then, you are able to receive solutions and guidance from your higher self.
666 Tattoo meaning Third Eye Chakra
666 Tattoo meaning Third Eye Chakra
  • Lighthouses are well-known symbols of guidance. Usually located at the ocean’s edge, they guide ships in the dark to safety. We can see in lighthouses a deeper symbolism to help us navigate the treacherous waters of our own lives. We can lead our ship to safety by focusing on long-term goals.
666 Tattoo meaning Lighthouse
666 Tattoo meaning Lighthouse

666 Tattoo meaning Lighthouse
666 Tattoo meaning Lighthouse
  • The ship wheel helps the helmsman navigate the ship through rough weather and troubled waters to a safe destination. This is why the helm is a symbol of direction, guidance, and navigation.
666 Tattoo meaning Ship Wheel and Compass
666 Tattoo meaning Ship Wheel and Compass

Animals that represent guidance and refocusing

  • Eagles can be added to your tattoo as a symbol of refocus. The eagles have far superior sight than humans. And so, they invite us to revisit our vision and look carefully at a situation. Once you see the big picture, it’s easy to set long-term goals. 
666 Tattoo meaning Eagle
666 Tattoo meaning Eagle

666 Tattoo meaning Eagle
666 Tattoo meaning Eagle
  • Chickadees represent guidance and positive energy in Native American culture. Seeing a chickadee or dreaming of one is a sign that you are on the right path.
666 Tattoo meaning Cute Chickadee
666 Tattoo meaning Cute Chickadee
  • Seahorses have been seen as a symbol of guidance and protection by sailors. Seeing seahorses helped sailors navigate through rough waters since ancient times.
666 Tattoo meaning Seahorse
666 Tattoo meaning Seahorse

666 Tattoo meaning Seahorse
666 Tattoo meaning Seahorse
  • A starfish is a symbol of guidance and intuition. A starfish navigate intuitively even in the dark depths of the ocean. 
666 Tattoo meaning Starfish
666 Tattoo meaning Starfish
  • The string ray can represent guidance as it has the ability to navigate calmly and serenely in deep waters. The stingray can make a beautiful tattoo, reminding you to do the same and navigate your life with calmness.
666 Tattoo meaning Stingray
666 Tattoo meaning Stingray
  • The Fireflies symbolize guidance, direction, energy, motivation, and inner power. They illuminate the dark with their own inner light. Fireflies inspire us to believe in our inner power and to follow our intuition. 
666 Tattoo meaning Firefly
666 Tattoo meaning Firefly
  • Dogs are symbols of guidance, direction, protection, and loyalty. Dogs have a keen sense of direction and have been known to navigate using the earth’s magnetic field. This is why humans use the extraordinary abilities of dogs in many different fields.
666 Tattoo meaning Dog
666 Tattoo meaning Dog
  • Yatagarasu is a three-legged crow that symbolizes divine guidance in Japanese mythology. Yatagarasu was sent from the heavens to guide Emperor Jimmu (the first emperor of Japan) during his journey from Kumano to Yamato. This is why Yatagarasu is considered to be the god of guidance and an incarnation of the Sun god.
666 Tattoo meaning Yatagarasu
666 Tattoo meaning Yatagarasu

Flowers that represent guidance and refocusing

  • The Compass plant (Silphium laciniatum) symbolizes guidance and direction. The common name refers to the plant’s deeply incised leaves, which tend to be oriented in a north-south direction. The hardened sap of this plant can be chewed like gum.
666 Tattoo meaning compass plant
666 Tattoo meaning compass plant
  • White dahlia flowers represent focus and purity. Due to the plant’s ability to withstand harsh conditions, they also symbolize strength and staying focused.
666 Tattoo meaning Dahlia
666 Tattoo meaning Dahlia

Best quotes to insert for your 666 tattoo

  • There is sun after rain, love after pain
  • When there’s a will, there’s a way
  • Me vs. Me
  • Be afraid and do it anyway
  • Bad times make a good man
  • Trust, breathe, and repeat
  • Never back down
  • Anything is temporary
  • Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday
  • Whatever it takes
  • Become. Attract. Create.
  • Dear Universe, I’m Ready
  • Love the life you live. Live the life you love.

Colors that represent guidance and refocusing

  • Green represents balance, harmony, and guidance. In transportation, green traffic signs indicate permitted movements and directions or guidance. For example, such as highway entrances and exits or distances to upcoming destinations.

I hope you got some nice ideas to match the 666 tattoo meaning! 

You can also choose a specific tattoo style to match the meaning of your tattoo. 


You have a choice between so many different styles of tattoos. Pick a tattoo style that represents well your 666 tattoo meaning.

In my opinion, you need a style that will illustrate the idea of focus, balance, and guidance. You need a traditional or realistic style.

I would recommend these 6 tattoo styles: 

  • Traditional and Old School tattoo style: Classic American tattoo. It is the kind of tattoo your Grandpa got when he was in the navy!

  • Neo-traditional tattoo style: Inspired by traditional tattoos with more true lifelines and colors. Looks Old school with a feeling of new.

  • Portrait tattoo style: Must be done by a high-skilled tattoo artist.

  • Sketch tattoo style: Gives a very authentic look to the tattoo.

  • Realism tattoo style: Looks exactly like reality.

  • Small tattoo style: Can be very small and intimate. Perfect if you still want to keep your tattoo simple, using only the number 666, or maybe also adding a quote to it.

Here are other tattoo styles you can also choose for your 666 tattoo meaning:

  • Tribal tattoo style: From the origins of the tattoos. Inspired by the cultures, Polynesian, Native American, and more. A strong style perfect for confidence!

  • Japanese tattoo style: Use symbols. Perfect to tell a story.

  • Watercolor tattoo style: Delicate and beautiful looking. Very popular among women.

  • Blackwork tattoo style: All black. Perfect to stand out!

  • Geometric tattoo style: Focus on lines and shapes (Simple or elaborate).

  • Anime tattoo style: Inspired by animes, TV shows, and comics.

  • Abstract tattoo style: Does not try to represent reality. A great way to differentiate.

  • Cartoon tattoo style: It can be anything inspired by your favorite cartoon.

  • Fine line tattoo style: Delicate tattoos, aesthetically pleasing to watch.

  • Trash Polka tattoo style: A mix of realism, blackwork, and trash.

  • Black and grey tattoo style: One of the most common styles. You can do all the other styles in black and grey style.

  • Aesthetic tattoo style: Can be almost anything. Focus on beauty pleasure. 

  • Ignorant tattoo style: Looks like a kid’s drawing.


Like other tattoos, your body is your limit! 

You can make a tattoo everywhere you want on your body (I don’t recommend the face for obvious reasons).

It’s better to choose a place that matches the meaning of focus, balance, and guidance.

In this case, you have a wide range of choices. 

If your unbalance and need of refocusing is relative to love and relationship, you might consider some areas close to your heart. For example the chest, ribs, inner biceps, or inner forearms.

If your unbalance and need of refocusing is relative to work and personal growth, you may be proud to expose it to anyone. In this case, I would go for the outer arms, shoulders, upper back, or calves.

Some discreet places are fine too. Such as the lower back, feet, wrists, or thighs.

I usually do some simulations of tattoos to get an idea of the final result. For this, I print a design I like and fix it with adhesive on different places on my body.

You will understand quickly which part of your body is the best for your angel number tattoo.

Where you get your tattoo is ultimately up to you, but keep in mind that some places are more painful than others.

I experienced different levels of pain for each of my tattoos. It depends on the area of the body, the thickness of the lines of the draw, and the filling (or not) of these areas by colors.

You can read my article Angel Number Tattoo FULL GUIDE to know more about the pain levels of a tattoo.


What is the meaning of the 666 tattoo?

The meaning of the angel number 666 tattoo is about guidance and refocus.

What symbols can I use for my 666 tattoo?

– popular: compass, north star, lantern, eye of Horus, the third eye chakra, lighthouse, ship wheel
– animals: eagle, chickadee, seahorse, starfish, stingray, firefly, dog, Yatagarasu
– flowers: compass plant, white dahlia

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Though you can make a small and intimate tattoo, you can also create a more complex design for your 555 tattoo.

Simply add a symbol I listed above, it will only make your tattoo more meaningful.

It’s also a great way to connect with your spiritual guides.

Enjoy your tattoo!

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